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Essential Oils to Boost Natural Healing

Essential Oils to Boost Natural Healing

Typically, we get essential oils by extracting them from the flower fruits, barks, nuts, roots, resins, and leaves of a tree or plant. A drop of these medicinal remedies will give you amazing health benefits. Having been used for medicinal purposes over the past centuries, the potency of these oils is their potential to boost your immunity naturally. Therefore, if you are seeking to find essential oils to boost your immunity, kindly consider the following options.


This is the most popular essential oil as it contains very strong antiviral and anti bacterial properties. Lavender oil greatly reduces the healing period for bites, scrapes, and stings. It is also very vital in the treatment of respiratory and nervous system disorders, and indigestion. This essential oil can also play a very vital role in improving your immunity.  Here is a video on how lavender and other essential oils can boost your natural immunity.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

It has a wide range of important qualities that include antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and antispasmodic. This oil is most effective in the treatment of diabetes, respiratory problems, intestinal germs, and fever. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil on steaming water and inhaling the vapor will aid in clearing and disinfecting your lungs and nasal passage.


This is utilized as an anesthetic, antispasmodic, antiseptic, astringent, decongestant, vasoconstrictor and many more medicinal purposes. However, the main use of this essential oil is pain relief as it induces numbness. You can also use it to cut down milk discharge and flow, strengthen your gums, and stop hemorrhaging. Peppermint oil is also known for clearing respiratory congestions, enhancing bile discharge, and removing gasses.

For effective use in relieving pain, mix it with lavender oil and apply on the aching body part for quick relief.

Tea tree oil

This is a well known powerful antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial oil. The tea tree oil is normally used in inhibiting viral, microbial, and bacterial infections. At the same time, this powerful essential oil can also be used to enhance the absorption of nutrients and protect wounds and scars from becoming septic. Other health benefits that come from the tea tree oil include the curing of colds and coughs, treating warts and many other fungal and bacterial infections.

Camomile oil

Traditionally, this essential oil was used basically for almost any curative and preventive measure that you can imagine. Camomile oil is popularly known for its protection of wounds from being infected and septic, curing spasms, reducing swelling and soothing inflammations. Other common uses of this oil include elimination of gasses, improving digestion, fighting infections, and increasing perspiration.

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